Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Forget About Safety And Think Cash!

Forget About Safety And Think Cash!

NOTE: This post is from one of our frequent contributors to this blog, "Birdseye59604.

For a moment, read this blog and forget about safety and think cash revenue of a successful business. Complete safety are intangible and unreachable goals. Safety goals may be set and aimed for, but in the end there will be other safety goals to reach beyond the newly established goals.

Think about it for a second. How does an organization measure safety? Is it measured as passed records, or as future avoidable accidents? Passed history is not a guarantee for future events and future avoidable accidents do not exist.

Safety is not black and white without changes, but is the range of the color spectrum in a changing world.   

Definition of safety is generally accepted as: ” the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury." How is it then possible to protect someone from danger, risk or injury when the conditions to produce these events are virtual events of future fantasies?  

"Passed history is not a guarantee for future events ........"

Cash is what keeps an airline flying and a tool to manage risks. Statistically, a major accident during a longer period of time will happen. However, an accidents are not expected to happen for any specific flight at anytime during that same timeline, and no one have the tools to predict in advance of an accident bound airplane.

Think cash, and manage risk and safety as cash is managed. Revenue cash is not based on a virtual ballooned cash flow at some time in the future, but is the day to day managed cash flow to sustain a profitable and energetic business. Safety is managed this same way.

Safety is to keep an eye on the sun and to prepare for changes as it sets behind, or raise above the mountains. 

Safety is not the management of a "ballooned" expensive accident in the future, but by managing processes that are known to produce safety results, and further develop these processes for better safety results. Safety is to manage how things are done day in and day out in an organization.
The Safety Management System (SMS) and Statistical Process Control (SPC) have become the new tools to discover regular, but unknown operational expenses, by allowing expenses for irregular safety processes to remain undisclosed. SMS is a tool to discover why there is time and cash to do the job twice, but not enough time to do the job right the first time.


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