Tuesday, September 24, 2013

We just fired the Accountable Executive...

We just fired the Accountable Executive...

NOTE: This post is from one of our frequent contributors to this blog, "Birdseye59604."

An owner or family member maybe appointed as the Accountable Executive (AE) and never change. Or, in a large organization the AE may be at the mercy of the Board of Directors or the Mayor and be fired for any reason at any time.  

An AE is the person in the enterprise who gets to "draw the line."  An AE draws  the line of the Safety Policy, Non-Punitive Reporting Policy, Human Resources, Financial Resources and the timeline for reports submitted to AE. 

At first glance some may find it to be a trivial event that a person who is not involved in the day to day operation is being fired on the spot. However, since the AE is the organizational authority  on drawing the line, an enterprise may end up in a a state of disorder due to absence of nonrecognition of authority. 

An AE may not be involved in the daily operation as they decide where to draw the line. 
An un-schedule and emotionally driven firing of an AE is different than a planned and organized change. With a scheduled removal of an AE there is a continuous line of authority to ensure an enterprise is conforming to regulatory compliance. 

After firing of an AE without a replacement the SMS Management Review may struggle to establish accountability to regulatory conformance and to document an SMS with continuing adequacy and effectiveness. Further, an internal Quality Assurance Program may establish organizational regularly non-compliance with their audits of processes, inspections and training of all personnel.

Just a short deviation from the drawn line may cause major events.
An enterprise without an AE is applying the wrong tool in the toolbox.

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