Friday, July 4, 2014

When The Cat's Away The Mice Will Play

When The Cat's Away The Mice Will Play

NOTE: This post is from one of our frequent contributors to this blog, "Birdseye59604."

In any operation it could become a task to ensure the job is done correctly when the boss is away. In a professional organization it becomes critical to ensure that everyone performs their tasks to an expected level of standard. A combination of organizational expected safety performance and accountability becomes the safety outcome of the processes

No matter how the job is done, it leaves tracks for some else to follow

Some people work well independently, while others needs the boss to assign activities and may not perform to expected standards when the boss is not around. One could say that the only way to have the boss around at any time, is to make everyone the boss of their own responsibilities. Defining documented roles in the process is  supervision, and expectations are job-management, with accountability the authority for an employee to be the boss of their personal responsibilities. These methods simplifies complexity and establishes accountability  of roles and responsibility at organizational levels where they belong.

A glider pilot's responsibility is acceptance of  accountability within their work environment. 

As with any type of jobs, performance measurements is conducted by regular testing and sampling of process outcome. If the outcome meets the bar life is good. If it doesn't, then it's back to the drawing board, find the root cause, fix the root cause and do it all over again. It is simpler and more economical to do it right the first time. A process where there is not enough time to do the job right, but enough time to do it twice is a root cause of system failure.

Applying roles, responsibilities and accountability at appropriate levels of an enterprise and conduct SPC and QA of these processes is preferable to being dependant on fixing root causes. No need to keep the cat around when housework is done.


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