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Lack Of Understanding SMS Leads To Subjective Opinions

 Lack Of Understanding SMS Leads To Subjective Opinions

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Subjectivity or bias is when someone has a personal interest, or an agenda to manipulate the outcome of data collected, or of facts discovered. Bias opinions may be expressed in different ways, either as verbal, behavioral or silent communication. Verbal or behavioral communication becomes an obvious bias opinion which can be addressed. The silent communication is extremely difficult for others to discover since it is managed by manipulation within the rules of the system. Within this system the bias opinion, or personal agenda, makes in argumentative reference statements to third party authoritarian descriptions or opinions without letting personal opinion being known. 

When an enterprise conducts an audit of its processes there are standard procedures to follow and items described in a checklist to be followed. This seems like a slam dunk fair and secure system. If this was the fact, there would be no differences in outcome of same and identical audit being conducted by separate individuals. When data is collected it must be analyzed by an impartial method, which is only available by mathematical calculations. 

Below are data from official records since 2001 of incidents for 3 different air-operators. Two of the operators are similar in size and complexity, while the third is a one-man pilot and operator. The worse possible outcome of air travel and most affects on safety are fatal accidents. 

 Data for these operators are as follows: 

Operator 1 – 209 incidents – 7 fatalities 

Operator 2 – 497 incidents – 16 fatalities 

Operator 3 – 7 incidents – none fatalities 

When analyzing this collection of data, it becomes apparent that Operator 2 is the operator with most incidents and fatalities. In a non-bias environment, without a personal agenda, it would be reasonable to assume that Operator 2 has been eliminated from operations. However, the facts are that both Operator 1 and Operator 3 were eliminated, with Operator 2 continue with public scheduled flights without interruption. When personal opinions take precedence over data collected, the result of an audit also becomes personal opinions with a blind eye to safety and factual data. 

Let’s further analyze this scenario of operators 1 and 2. There is not enough data to thorough analyze operator 3, which is a one pilot and one aircraft operator. 

When applying the 2015 cost factor to each incident Operator 2 has an incident cost factor of $303,000.00, while Operator 1 has a cost factor of $109,00.00. Operator 2 incurs higher cost factor than Operator 1, but when this data is not applied to safety, Operator 2 is flying, while Operator 1 is not. Every cost factor dollar is the cost of safety. 
Without data it’s just another predetermined opinion and lack of understanding process management. 



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