Friday, December 8, 2017

The Deming Cycle Expounded for SMS

The Deming Cycle is the KEY to Continuous Improvement!

Inforgraphic of the Deming Cycle

The Deming Cycle or Plan, Do, Check, Act diagram was first used in 1950. In the aviation world, the PDCA is found in the Quality Assurance component of the Safety Management System.


The cycle begins with Planning. In planning a process you must first decide what is the desired output for the process. In designing a process, we must consider the regulations. All processes must be built to meet regulations. The best way to convey to stakeholder the process procedure, is to map the process using step-by-step flow paths.


Once the process is properly mapped, now we do the process. The process should be done with the actual people, machines, materials, and environment that the process will use in reality. The process  data must be captured in order to have metrics to analyze in step 3.


The most important Step in the PDCA is the CHECK or ANALYSIS of the process. The analysis of the process must have a standard to measure against and must consider the "system" contributing factors.


Finally we must ACT on the results of the analysis. We change, purchase, write, hire....etc. in order to improve the process. Once we have changed the process to improve it , we then begin again by planning the "new" process.

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