Thursday, December 6, 2018

Bringing SMS & QA Together

Bringing SMS & QA Together

By controlling your processes, you close the holes in the swiss cheese!

Quality Assurance has been legitimized through the work of great men like Dr. Deming and Dr. Juran. SMS has not shared the same accolades because the results of managing risks and hazards is not exciting. QA has proven its ability to affect a companies bottom line. The cost of an accident will certainly out weight the cost of implementing mitigation methods....but companies have a hard time justifying the costs because, "..we will never have an accident." 

QA can be an integral part of the System...see:  YouTube: Integration of QA and SMS. 

It has also been demonstrated that Process Control can be used to PREVENT accidents from happening...see:

Lets break down the wall between the 2 and use all the tools we have to help mitigate, prevent and streamline our processes: 

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Infographic by:
Mr. Dennis Taboada, M.eng.,CQE,CQM
Designed, Developed and Deployed SMS/QA and Surveillance procedure Workshops for Transport Canada.
Contracted by NASA Kennedy Space Center to Designe, Develop and Deploy QA Training for Safety & Mission Assurance.

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