Friday, June 26, 2020

The 14-Day Goal Setting Challenge

The 14-Day Goal Setting Challenge
By Catalina9

The Accountable Executive (AE) at your amazing Airport or Airline has broader powers given to them by the Safety Management System (SMS) Regulations than what is required of them to make sound business decisions as the CEO. However, the AE’s ultimate powers are limited to the operational comprehension levels of  aviation safety inspectors or auditors. Decision powers are not limited in scope, but in options, availability, flexibility and applicability to size and complexity. Operating a successful SMS under these conditions becomes a challenge for the AE to balance the field length with sound business judgments.

A Safety Management System is your goal setting plan.
Conventional wisdom of a process it that what comes out of a process is equal to the quality of inputs. However, within an SMS organization the outcome of processes is strongly depends on special cause variables as inputs, or also defined as human factors, organizational factors, supervision factors or environmental factors. Mitigation of these factors are achieved by goal setting plans and achievement. 

The last blog was about goal setting. Now is the time to put your goals into work by taking on the 14-day goal setting challenge. If you ask what this has to do with SMS you are on the right track since SMS is all about goal setting and goal achievement. Goal setting is also a regulatory and SMS policy requirement. The difference between required goal settings and the 14-goal setting challenge is that this challenge is about you and your Amazing Airport or Airline. All other goals you have are made up by someone else. But why wait for someone to bail you out, when you have more powers within yourself than anyone else for a successful goal achievement plan.

Outputs of a process is a product of multiple inputs.
SMS is hard work, goal setting is extreme hard work, while goal achievement is beyond extreme hard work. The toughest part about goal setting is to do it. The path of least resistance is to leave goal setting alone today and pick it up at a later date. It’s also easier to wait for someone else to take charge, make your goals and move on without commitment. Fear of failure and commitments is of the highest contributing factors to avoid commitment and goal planning. There is an inside fear that if you don’t make it you will be disappointed. Your inside voice is right that you will be very, or beyond extreme disappointed if you don’t make it. On the other hand, if you don’t start the 14-day goal setting challenge, everyone else will be very disappointed. When the purpose of your Amazing Airport or Airline is to serve, there are no other options available but to jump in with both feet and work hard towards your goals.

The 14-day goal setting challenge is just a few simple steps daily for the next 14 days.
Day 1 - Think about your Amazing Airport or Airline as it is now and write down the things that are most important to you in your life for successful operations.
Day 2 - Imagine that you could wave a magic wand and make your Amazing Airport or Airline as perfect in each area of your life for successful operations. Imagine what would it look like.
Day 3 - Using your imaginations from yesterday, write down each goal you would like to achieve for your ideal Amazing Airport or Airline. Make your description clear and detailed in every sense. Use a pencil and paper when writing your goals.
Day 4 - Decide upon your major definite purpose for your Amazing Airport or Airline. Ask yourself what you would do if you could achieve any goal on this list within 24 hours, which one goal would have the greatest positive impact on your life for successful operations.
Day 5 - Set A Deadline and think of a reasonable date for you to achieve
your goal for Your Amazing Airport or Airline. If your goal is includes multiple areas of operations, set sub-deadlines for each building block.
Day 6 - Identify obstacles, interference, restrictions, snags and obstructions you need to overcome to achieve your goal for your Amazing Airport or Airline. Determine how to overcome each one of the snags

The day you are confident that you have all knowledge you have nothing.
Day 7 – Identify knowledge and skills you’ll need that would help. Decide on what one skill, if you developed and did it consistently, in an excellent fashion, would help you the most to achieve your number one goal for your Amazing Airport or Airline. Decide on who is the Confidential Advisor to the Accountable Executive. 
Day 8 - Make a list of everything, including each and every step you will have to do to achieve your goal.
Day 9 - Organize your list into a plan and organize your list into a series of steps
from the beginning all the way through to the completion of your goal. As the Accountable Executive design your own process flowchart for your goal. 
Day 10 - Write your plan down in an agenda and write down each phase of your plan in your agenda all the way through completion of your goal. Plan each day,
week and month in advance.
Day 11 - Determine your support system and make a list of every person that you work with to achieve your goal at your Amazing Airport or Airline. 
Day 12 - Make your goal public. Tell everyone what you want to achieve. As the Accountable Executive communicate your goals to all personnel. 
Day 13 – Practice visualization of your goal for your Amazing Airport or Airline. Create clear, vivid, exciting, emotional pictures of your goals as if they were already a reality.
Day 14 - Do your first task.  The hardest part is starting. On the last day of the challenge, complete the first that you outlined for yourself and get started on the path to success for your Amazing Airport or Airline. 

A goal setting challenge prepares you for the tasks ahead, the obstacles you will face and the stamina you need to withstand any opposition. SMS is hard work and there is always only one person who makes the final decision and that person may as well be you as the Accountable Executive for your Amazing Airport. 


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