Monday, January 21, 2013

Can Human Factors be Controlled?

Definition: Human Factors The science of understanding the properties of human What Affects the Output of People? 

Have you ever filled out a form on-line. A form that requires you to fill “mandatory” information or the form can not be submitted. If you forget or overlook an data entry that is mandatory, the form doesn’t submit and the information field usually is highlighted in red. This is an example of “Robust” design of the process that helps reduce human factors as it relates to the output. (Note: I will have more on Robust Design in a future blog.)

These are factors that affect people and their performance. 

(AP)  Half of all dieters who reached their goal weight through Weight Watchers were still   least 5 percent lighter after five years, according to a study released in 2009.

It may not sound like much, but obesity experts meeting in Prague were impressed. Nearly all dieters eventually return to their old weight, and maintaining a 5 percent loss is considered a health benefit.

The study is the most rigorous investigation yet of a commercial weight loss program. Experts say that although dieters would probably hope for better results, a 5 percent reduction is enough to reduce the risks of developing such diseases as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Experts said the study indicated the value of programs that are well-rounded, promote gradual weight loss and include a strong support system.

"Motivation is very important. Weight Watchers is part of behavioral management of a serious condition and they do it very very well," said Lefebvre, president of the International Diabetes Federation. "It has a place."

When polled most weight watcher members attribute a lot of their success to motivation they receive. The fact that each member must “weigh in” was cited as the greatest factor in sticking to the plan. Just this year WW has introduced their 360 degree system. This system not only focuses in on food , (materials) ,but, also spaces, (environment), routines (methods)...almost 3 of the inputs we profess as Demings 5 inputs. All WW needs is Machines and People. 

This research only supports the theory:.........
What gets measured gets done
Your thoughts..........

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