Friday, January 31, 2014

Blogging Anniversary

Blogging Anniversary

1 year anniversary for our contributor birdseye59604

One year ago I submitted my first blog, and it has been a year of unbelievable fun. In a few simple words the Safety Management System  (SMS) has become a friend to establish parameters, controlling variables and discover losses.  In a short summary each one of the blogs was telling a story to make aviation safer.
Accountability is the frame making an organization
stand out in a crowed.
The first blog was about SMS as a tool beyond trial and errors. After major aviation accidents everyone wants facts and solutions. SMS is a friend to guide for addressing facts and solutions and capture processes. Or  in other words, how we manage what we do before combinations of hazards becomes an accident. 

Unless hazards are managed and controlled, the solution to eliminate hazards may be a roll-the-dice-management. Effective hazard management it to mitigate the effect of hazard data collected.

An Accountable Executive (AE) is the CEO of accountability.  In an SMS Enterprise everyone have a role of  accountability. SMS is managed by principles of accountability. Accountability is excellence in customer service.

One blog described the school system as an opposition to SMS where accountability may not be compatible with learning, but punished to instil learning behaviours.  SMS is being described as the money and time blame game, and that hazard management is not common sense. Compare SMS to Non Destructive Testing (NDT) where NDT is testing of material defects or fatigue. Apply SMS to managing the medical condition Diabetes with Plan-Do-Check-Act. Find out what the residual risks are when a problem is resolved with a perfect solution.

The blogs continued on with Corrective Action Plans (CAP) where an established process is applied when dealing the cards and to read the signs when arriving at the fork in the road. Size and complexity is applicable to any organization and it becomes a task to make it fit. When an Enterprise are training personnel the training is not completed with a final exam, but with the test of being in a just culture. In addition, these blogs are about circles of training, Best Practices (BP), applying the correct CAP and what happens when the AE is fired. SMS makes safety your business when regulations are performance based. SMS is wildlife management,  management of minor and major hazards and to apply the triangles of Quality Assurance (QA).  SMS is about Moneyball, managing parameters and applying a monetary values to results. It's about training environment and the elements of a Safety Management Plan.

At the end of the day, SMS is about zero tolerance to compromise aviation safety. SMS is to do what it takes to ensure safety, accept accountability, to chose the right and ensure excellence in customer service.

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