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Elements of a Safety Management Plan

Elements of a Safety Management Plan

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A Safety Management System (SMS) is a conglomerate plan of components, policies, objectives, goals and parameters. SMS is a system where multiple pieces have to fill in the gaps to interact for the system work. If one part breaks down, then other parts are are restricted in their overall function.

The Safety Management Plan (SMP) is a component, or part of the Safety Management System for SMS to function. A safety management plan consists of a safety policy, non-punitive policy, roles, responsibilities, communication, safety planning, performance measurements and reviews. Everyone with an SMS task have accountability roles, with the Accountable Executive (AE) at the head of the 

Some reports on day 27 are applied to the Element of Non-Punitive Policy in the Component of Safety Management Plan

Operational costs associated with a safety management plan requiring human and financial resources are processing of reports, investigation and implementation of corrective action. A tool of managing cost is to extract information from individual charts of issue and cost.

Cost is broken down into parameters by applying time fractions to each report received. 

Cost bearing elements are identified as the contributor's view of the issue. When issues are applied to an element of the safety management system it becomes a management planning tool by combining risk assessment and element cost. Parameters become operational management tools. 



  1. You can work effectively unless you have the proper tools. The SMS system requires proper planning in order for it to work properly. Collecting "metrics", a fancy word for data, is essential because it helps us to plan as you state. May I suggest to those new at collecting data, to get a copy of the SMS Memory Jogger II. Available at click memory jogger. Also, check out the SMS classes given throughout Canada by goint to click courses.

  2. Any safety management plan that someone can follow is a great plan. That way you know that it is going to work out the way that it is suppose to. I really actually like that they make these plans so easy to follow.


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